Hello!  As an experienced Interior Designer that has helped thousands of people work better, feel great, and find joy in their interior spaces every day,  it is an honor to offer my insights to guide you and your business in the selection of the interior designer you need to help you improve your space as well.

Though it can seem intimidating, here are a few pointers to set you on the right path to that all-important selection:

  1. OBSERVE.  You are affected by your interior surroundings everyday and in every way. Look around you and the spaces you are experiencing.  What really resonates with you? What inspires you? What do you appreciate the most in those areas? Are you inspired by colors, patterns, or architecture that you see in a space, in nature, or in fashion? Think about what end result you are hoping for; Dream!

  2. ARCHIVE. Keep photos, magazine tear-outs, and of course Pinterest boards to archive what you love and envision in your space. These images will speak volumes to your soon-to-be selected interior designer and will help you to narrow down your search for someone who understands your aesthetic preferences.

  3. INVESTIGATE. Ask other business owners about their recent experiences with an interior designer. How did they work together? Did they feel valued and listened to? Was the designer present, proactive, and productive? Would they use them again for their next project? A great referral is a good indication that you will have an excellent experience as well. Check out the website of the interior designer(s) that you are considering, in order to review their design style, testimonials, and project portfolio to see if they can accomplish your vision!

  4. INTERVIEW. An interview in person or over the phone is a good way to see if you have chemistry in your personalities and an appreciation of their methods and attitude.  Ask them about their pricing, timing, and try to gauge their interest in your project after you explain it. Designers often have niches that may not relate to your project, where they might focus in healthcare, retail design, or strictly residential projects, instead of your specific design requirements.

  5. INSPECT. It is a good idea to do all the above, and then go and look at the recent completed projects of that design firm.  Nothing will give you a better idea of their skills than experiencing a space that they’ve designed. They may even want to give you a tour themselves!

  6. CONTRACT. Once you have narrowed down the candidates it is time to talk details about timing, project scope, and pricing. Be sure that you are comfortable and confident that you will work well together, respect each other, and that they will represent you, your business plans, and dreams professionally throughout the entire design process!